About Stellana

Stellana Bazilevs is an inspiring young artist from California. Stellana grew up in Riga, Latvia and moved to Paris, France when she was 17 to attend the old Sorbonne. Not long after graduating, Stellana moved to Austin,Texas. She is now living in La Jolla, California with her husband Yuri, their sons Axl and Zar, and their dachshund Tapa.

Her family has always been an insatiable source of love and inspiration for Stellana that she projects on canvas. She is also able to draw energy from her sunny Southern California surroundings.  

Drawn to self-expression through art from an early age, Stellana is working with a variety of different media and techniques.  Inspired by her instructors she came to know while living both in Texas and California, Stellana continues her development as an artist with her unique style and independent vision.